Sunflower Sunrise – SOLD

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“After an accident left me paralyzed, I almost gave up, until I had a spiritual dream that renewed my strength and my will to live.” – Mario Jung

Collectors of Mario Jung paintings admire his ability to create artwork in a diverse range of styles that can be seen in his body of work displayed at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The ubiquitous art consultants in the showroom provide visitors with interesting information on the artist’s style as well as in-depth background about each piece. Jung is a dedicated painter, applying several layers of oil paint to achieve the rich texture that his fans have grown to love.

Sunflower Sunrise is a testament to this hard work. In this piece, Jung tickles the viewer’s imagination with a surreal winter-white umbrella pine tree, upright in comfortable solitude. Situated by a winding road that cuts through an endless field of sunflowers in full bloom, it towers over the scene while an army of cypress and oak trees seem to await its marching orders from a distance. A bright orange sky completes the dreamy narrative. The artist’s passionate brushstrokes and impeccable attention to detail elevate this illustration making the picture seem larger than life.