Periwinkle Delight – SOLD

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“My subject matter is inspired by my travels to Tuscany, Italy.” – Mario Jung

The Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery features local, national, and international artists with variegated fortes. Interestingly, travel is a theme most have in common. The colorful landscape paintings by celebrated artist Mario Jung share this theme and are part of the gallery’s collection. These pieces present his vision of the breathtaking sceneries one can behold in the region of Tuscany in central Italy.

In Periwinkle Delight, Jung shows off the beauty of one of Tuscany’s legendary trees – the mighty oak. This centuries-old landmark found throughout the region captures the artist’s imagination. Its crown of leaves is showcased in this piece through seven oaks in dreamlike hues of periwinkle, peach, tan and lime. Under a clear blue sky, amid his trademark field of greens interspersed with brown earth, the trees stand majestic. The scenery overflows with the warm and mellow comfort created by Jung’s brushstrokes and the rich textures of thick paint. This dramatic presentation is made possible by the artist’s skilled use of light and reflection that perfectly coaxes out the finer details in every element.