Yellow Sun – SOLD

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“After an accident left me paralyzed, I almost gave up, until I had a spiritual dream that renewed my strength and my will to live.” – Mario Jung

To the south of Lake Tahoe, Marcus Ashley Gallery lies nestled amid hiking trails, theaters, nightclubs, and ski resorts. Art lovers, backpackers, jet setters, and even outdoor sports enthusiasts find themselves drawn to the warm and amiable atmosphere of the showroom. The gallery’s walls are lined with masterpieces by local as well as international artists like the South Korean-born Mario Jung.

Jung is now US-based but his colorful landscape paintings continue to reflect the influence of the Land of the Morning Calm. In this piece entitled Yellow Sun, the artist presents an extraordinary fusion of Europe and Asia. On the one hand, it portrays the majestic oak and pointed cypress trees of Italy’s wine region. On the other hand, the scene is awash in the warm summer colors of red and yellow characteristic in areas south of the equator. With Jung’s ardent brushwork, the rich textures attain a three-dimensional appearance that makes a viewer want to reach out and touch the painting’s surface.