Finding Our Way


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“Finding Our Way” by Mario Jung is a diptych oil on canvas that together forms a captivating vista of a lush and colorful landscape. The work is divided into two panels, each contributing to a cohesive scene that spans both canvases, guiding the viewer’s gaze across the artwork as if traversing the environment depicted within.

The left panel presents a path lined with tall, slender cypress trees, standing like sentinels on the edge of the trail. Their verticality offers a striking contrast to the horizontal expanse of the field. The right panel continues the journey with the path disappearing into a distant horizon marked by subtle hills. The artist’s masterful perspective drawing carries the eye forward, implying the continuity of the journey beyond the frame.

In the foreground, the eye is immediately drawn to the vibrantly hued flowers, painted with a joyful palette of yellows and fiery reds. The thick, impasto technique used to apply the paint gives a three-dimensional texture to the petals, suggesting the wild abundance of the blossoms. The rich green undergrowth hints at the fertile soil and the natural splendor of the location.

In both panels, the sky is a clear azure, dotted with soft, wispy clouds, suggesting a day of pleasant weather and gentle breezes. The use of light and shadow is subtle but effective, creating a sense of time within the eternal moment captured on the canvas.

“Finding Our Way” would enchant viewers who are drawn to landscapes that convey not only the beauty of the natural world but also the metaphorical journey through life. It’s a visual narrative of exploration, growth, and the path one takes through the vibrant tapestry of existence. It would be a sophisticated addition to a collection, resonating with art lovers who appreciate works that blend rich textures, vivid colors, and deep symbolism.