Abstract Portrait – 191308


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“Abstract Portrait – 191308” is a compelling original acrylic on canvas by the artist Maya Eventov, known for her dynamic and vibrant compositions. This work is a departure into the realm of the abstract portrait, where the artist melds figuration with geometric abstraction to create a captivating image of a woman’s face.

Eventov’s canvas is alive with energy and movement, with the subject’s features rendered in fluid lines and soft washes of color, set against a backdrop of bold, geometric shapes that seem to form a crown or halo around her head. The use of contrasting textures and the juxtaposition of the organic lines of the face with the sharp angles of the abstract shapes give the piece a striking depth and complexity.

The color palette is both earthy and ethereal, with rich browns and blues that suggest both the human and the transcendent. Eventov’s signature impasto technique is used to build up the abstract elements, creating a sense of structure and dimensionality that plays against the more ethereal aspects of the portrait.

“Abstract Portrait – 191308” is not just a representation of a person; it is an exploration of the essence of identity and perception. Eventov invites viewers to engage with the work on multiple levels, from the emotional resonance of the face to the intellectual stimulation of the abstract forms. This painting would be a sophisticated and thought-provoking addition to any contemporary art collection.