Spectrum Landscape – 190816


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“Spectrum Landscape – 190816” is an original acrylic on canvas by Maya Eventov, celebrated for her vibrant landscapes that brim with life and texture. This painting is a serene depiction of a birch forest, where the stark whiteness of the trees stands in beautiful contrast to the soft, dreamy hues of the background.

The work features Eventov’s signature use of thick, impasto strokes, which give the birches a tactile presence against the canvas. The trees are detailed with characteristic black markings, lending authenticity to their portrayal. The forest floor is hinted at with abstract splashes of color, suggesting the rich, organic tapestry of nature.

The background is a wash of gentle blues, greens, and hints of peach, evoking a misty morning or the glowing light of early dusk. The paint’s application creates a shimmering effect, as if the forest is being viewed through a veil of light and color.

Reflecting the sky and trees, the water at the bottom of the canvas adds a tranquil and contemplative element to the scene. The colors blend into a harmonious reflection, enhancing the painting’s depth and the peacefulness of the landscape.

“Spectrum Landscape – 190816” is a testament to Eventov’s ability to capture the quiet beauty of the natural world with a rich palette and dynamic textures. This piece would make a calming and elegant addition to any art collection, offering viewers a moment of peace and reflection.