The Calm Between Two Storms


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Enhanced Artist Proof

Print that is signed, numbered and hand embellished by the artist.

The Calm Between Two Storms by Eric Christensen

Captured with exquisite attention to detail, “The Calm Between Two Storms” stands as a testament to Eric Christensen’s prowess in capturing life’s fleeting moments of tranquility. Set amidst the serene backdrop of a sunlit vineyard, the painting takes the viewer on a sensory journey, where the verdant greens of grapevines dance with dappled sunlight and the muted purple of distant hills paints a promise of fruitful harvests.

Dominating the foreground is a table, bearing the rich offerings of the land – bottles of Rombauer and Villa Toscano, their labels gleaming softly. Each bottle, with its curves and reflections, tells a tale of fine winemaking tradition and the passion that goes into crafting each sip. The play of light on the glass bottles adds a layer of depth and dimension, encapsulating Christensen’s signature hyper-realistic touch.

Yet, what truly elevates the narrative of this masterpiece are the two sculptures by Jack Storms – embodiments of the title “The Calm Between Two Storms”. These meticulously crafted artworks, with their multifaceted brilliance, serve as an intriguing contrast to the natural calmness of the vineyard. They refract and reflect the surroundings, creating a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes, much like the unpredictable beauty that can emerge between life’s tumultuous events.

It is this delicate balance – the serenity of a vineyard day and the dynamic energy of Storms’ sculptures – that invites viewers to reflect on the transient beauty of calm moments that exist between life’s inevitable storms. The painting is not just a visual delight but a profound meditation on the cyclical nature of life’s highs and lows.