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“Benchmark,” an original watercolor on paper by Eric Christensen, portrays a tranquil outdoor setting that epitomizes the casual elegance of wine tasting in nature. This piece invites viewers to a serene afternoon where the simple pleasures of life are enjoyed to their fullest. At the heart of the composition is a bottle of St. Supéry Dollarhide Cabernet Sauvignon, a fine wine celebrating the family-owned vineyards of Napa Valley as highlighted on its label, suggesting a heritage of winemaking excellence.

The bottle, with a reflection of a sunlit garden on its surface, stands proudly beside two wine glasses, one of which is partially filled with the rich, dark wine, ready for tasting. The other glass awaits, creating an inviting space for someone to join. The arrangement is thoughtfully placed on a wooden table, which also holds a ripe apple and tomato, adding a splash of fresh, vibrant color. Beside them lies a wedge of Parmesan cheese, a classic pairing with the robust wine, and a fig cut open to reveal its intricate interior, all of which signal the makings of a gourmet experience.

Completing the scene are the essential tools of wine enjoyment: a wine cork and a sleek corkscrew lying beside the glasses. The backdrop is filled with lush greenery and flowers that suggest this repose takes place in a cherished garden or a vineyard’s peaceful corner.

Christensen’s skillful use of watercolors creates a vivid and realistic representation, from the play of light across the surfaces to the textures that invite touch. The artwork, “Benchmark,” not only captures a scene but also evokes a sensory experience, blending the taste of fine wine with the beauty of nature and the joy of sharing. This painting is a testament to the artist’s ability to transport the viewer to a moment in time where every element is in perfect harmony.