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This stunning original watercolor painting by Eric Christensen, titled “Members Only,” is an exquisite representation of a still-life scene that invites viewers to a moment of refined indulgence. Christensen’s mastery of light and texture brings to life the rich hues and intricate details of a luxurious spread that includes a bottle of Daou Cabernet Sauvignon, a symbol of the soul of a lion as described on its label, suggesting a wine of powerful character and depth.

In the composition, the wine is complemented by a crystal-clear wine glass half-filled with the deep red elixir, capturing the reflection of its surroundings and hinting at the full-bodied experience that awaits the taster. The setting is further adorned with clusters of ripe grapes and pomegranate seeds that spill artfully from a halved pomegranate, adding vibrant splashes of color. A wedge of blue-veined cheese promises a textural and flavorful contrast, while fresh apples and a pomegranate in a reflective ice bucket evoke a sense of freshness and crispness.

The arrangement is carefully laid out on a wooden surface with a cheese board at its heart, echoing the warmth of hospitality. A corkscrew and cheese knife with ornate handles rest on the tabletop, tools that beckon the viewer to partake in this shared experience. The background’s subdued tones allow the rich colors and textures of the composition to stand at the forefront, highlighting Christensen’s ability to make watercolors come alive with a photorealistic touch.

“Members Only” by Eric Christensen is not merely a display of objects but a celebration of the sensory pleasures of fine dining and the artistry of winemaking, presented through the lens of a painter with an exceptional ability to capture the interplay of light, shadow, and color.