Tricky Sphere


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“Tricky Sphere” by Malcolm Tibbetts is a testament to the complexities and stunning visuals that can be achieved through segmented woodturning art. This particular sculpture plays with perception and form, crafting a spherical shape that immediately captivates with its continuous, flowing curves, which seem to defy the rigid properties of wood.

The piece is meticulously constructed from various wood segments, each contributing its unique grain and color to create a harmonious yet dynamic whole. The rich tapestry of woods presents a spectrum of natural tones, from deep, earthy browns to vibrant reds and subtle yellows, all interlaced with the black lines that define each segment’s boundary. This intricate patterning not only showcases the variety of wood types but also highlights the precision of Tibbetts’ craftsmanship.

A key feature of “Tricky Sphere” is its structural complexity, with the spherical form incorporating a looping void that spirals around, giving an impression of movement and fluidity. This void, combined with the sculpture’s polished surface, creates a playful interaction of light and shadow, enhancing its three-dimensional effect and engaging viewers from every angle.

Resting upon a base of burl wood, known for its swirling, irregular patterns and highly prized in woodworking, the sculpture gains an additional layer of texture and visual interest, grounding the ethereal sphere with organic solidity.

This sculpture would draw the admiration of art collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the intricate art of woodturning and the natural beauty of wood grain. “Tricky Sphere” is not merely a display of technical skill but also an exploration of organic form and the limitless possibilities of wood as an artistic medium. It would be a standout piece in any collection, offering an intriguing blend of natural material and artistic innovation.