25 Rings


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These are handmade one of a kind pieces that were created using a technique called Segmented Woodturning

A Malcolm Tibbetts original piece, titled “25 Rings,” exemplifies the pinnacle of segmented woodturning artistry. This sculpture is a testament to Tibbetts’ masterful skill in woodturning and design. Each of the 25 rings is meticulously crafted from carefully selected pieces of wood, showcasing a variety of hues and grains. The rings are arranged in a captivating, spiraling form, creating a dynamic and fluid motion that seems to defy the static nature of the material.

The sculpture stands out for its intricate geometry and precision, with each ring seamlessly interlocking with the others, demonstrating Tibbetts’ exceptional attention to detail and understanding of wood’s properties. The varying sizes and angles of the rings add to the complexity and visual appeal of the piece, making it a stunning focal point in any space.

Finished to a high polish, “25 Rings” radiates a warm, natural glow, highlighting the unique characteristics of the wood and the artist’s skill in shaping and finishing the material. This piece is not only a remarkable example of segmented woodturning but also a profound expression of the possibilities of woodworking as an art form. It reflects Tibbetts’ dedication to pushing the boundaries of traditional woodturning and his commitment to creating pieces that are both visually stunning and technically challenging.