Three Race Tracks


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“Three Race Tracks” by Malcolm Tibbetts is an exquisite work of segmented woodturning that defies traditional expectations of wood as a medium. This sculpture is a breathtaking interplay of color, shape, and space, showcasing the artist’s extraordinary ability to transform wood into fluid, dynamic forms.

The piece features three interlocking loops, reminiscent of racetracks intertwined in an eternal race, flowing seamlessly into one another. Each loop is composed of a multitude of wood segments, meticulously pieced together to form a continuous band of vivid color. The alternating hues create a visual rhythm that enhances the sensation of movement within the static sculpture.

The palette is diverse, featuring an array of colors from deep blues and greens to warm reds and oranges, each band of color transitioning smoothly to the next. This diversity not only adds visual interest but also speaks to the complexity and precision required in the creation process, with each segment carefully chosen and positioned to contribute to the overall effect.

The sculpture’s surfaces are polished to a high gloss, reflecting light and adding to the illusion of motion. The finish also highlights the intrinsic beauty of the wood grain, allowing the natural patterns to interact with the applied colors, creating an additional layer of depth.

“Three Race Tracks” stands as a testament to the potential of woodturning as a form of contemporary art. It is a statement piece that would intrigue and fascinate, ideal for collectors who appreciate artworks that challenge the boundaries of conventional woodworking. This sculpture is not just a display of artistic craftsmanship but also a celebration of the imaginative possibilities that lie within the union of art and nature.