Above All


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Miri Rozenvain‘s “Above All” is a breathtaking piece that masterfully captures the regal essence and dynamism of an eagle in flight. This exquisite painting is characterized by its textured application of paint, a technique that adds depth and a tactile quality to the visual experience. The artwork showcases a palette knife’s prowess, with thick, impasto strokes that create an almost sculptural feel to the feathers and surroundings.

The composition is awash with a fusion of cool and warm hues, with splashes of vibrant colors that evoke the eagle’s wild habitat and the sheer force of nature. The use of silver and grey tones provides a stark, contrasting backdrop that makes the eagle’s determined gaze and sharp beak stand out, symbolizing focus and resilience.

This piece is not just a simple representation of wildlife; it’s a metaphor for triumph and the unyielding spirit. The artist’s use of color, texture, and movement converge to convey the sensation of rising above, making “Above All” an inspirational addition to any space. Perfect for collectors who appreciate wildlife art with a modern twist, this painting is a standout work that brings the majesty of the eagle into the home.