With the Wind


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“With the Wind” is a dynamic mixed media on canvas creation by the talented Miri Rozenvain that captures the essence of nautical adventure and the freedom of the sea. Spanning a generous 36×48 inches, this artwork brings the viewer into the heart of oceanic movement and maritime splendor.

The painting features a flotilla of sailboats coursing through choppy waters, their sails billowing in an invisible yet palpably powerful wind. Rozenvain’s use of mixed media gives “With the Wind” a textured, almost tactile quality that enhances the visual experience. The sails are rendered with thick, impasto strokes, evoking the strength and fluidity of the fabric in the sea breeze, while the hulls show delicate detailing that speaks to the craftsmanship of the vessels.

Vivid splashes of color—orange, blue, and hints of yellow—highlight the joy and vibrancy of sailing, suggesting sunlight dancing on the water’s surface and the myriad reflections of a day at sea. The white caps of the waves are sculpted with palpable energy, and the varied palette of the sea suggests the depths and shallows, with dark blues hinting at the profound mysteries of the ocean.

Rozenvain’s work is as much an abstract expression of motion and emotion as it is a representation of a maritime scene. “With the Wind” is a celebration of the sailor’s spirit, the allure of the horizon, and the dance between the elements and human endeavor.

Perfect for a collector with a passion for the sea or an enthusiast of expressive, vibrant art, “With the Wind” promises to be a focal point in any space, inviting contemplation and conversation about the wild beauty of the wind and waves.