Jon Paul - Autumn Glow, Aspens, Lake Tahoe

About Autumn Glow, Aspens, Lake Tahoe

You never know what Mother Nature is going to hand you. When the Fall season arrives I head out the door every day with great hope. How are the leaves looking? Is the wind blowing? Are there clouds? There is such great potential during this season of change and dramatic color. I am, however, acutely aware of the fact that the quality of natural light available is what can move an image to a whole different level of fine art.

This new image, “Autumn Glow, Aspens, Lake Tahoe”, is a prime example of extraordinary light elevating an image. As I wandered one of my favorite aspen groves in the hour before sunset I scouted this location. I felt that this panorama, complete with peak Aspens, Sage and Ponderosa Pine, was a unique representation of the beauty found around Lake Tahoe in the Fall. Chaotic beauty at its finest.

After refining my composition, I chose to wait for the time surrounding sunset. With no clouds in the sky to reflect color, I waited for the atmospheric glow that often occurs shortly after the sun sets behind the mountains. To my delight, after a nervous moment of flat light, the world began to glow with a rich orange light. Shooting film required / enabled me to use a very long exposure, capturing the rich saturated color of the event. The glow engulfed the forest and enriched the mood of this magical season. A beautiful image of Aspen trees in Lake Tahoe was transformed into an ethereal painterly work of art. By waiting for that extraordinary moment in time, I was able to capture “The Fine Art of Nature”.

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Autumn Glow, Aspens, Lake Tahoe

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