Ira Reines

Photo of artist Ira Reines sculpting an intricate sculpture of a woman out of clay. His work is for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

About Ira Reines

Ira Reines was born in New York City on December 3, 1957. Early on, he drew inspiration from old masters such as Michelangelo, Rodin, and Bernini, particularly their allegorical masterpieces about mythology, fantasy, and religion. Reines would later work with the famed Master Erte in 1980, the father of the Art Deco movement. Ira worked closely with Erte, translating two-dimensional designs into 70 bronze sculptures that were sold worldwide. His artistic journey with Erte lasted 11 years, up until Erte’s passing in 1991. This period saw Ira Reines hone and develop his unique personal style in fine art, moving from classical and mythological subjects to more contemporary themes.

As an artist, Ira Reines finds beauty in divinity and vice versa. He fuses this inspiration with his fascination for the physical form to pursue an art form known as “Sculptural Etherealism.” His elaborate bronze sculptures portray intricately designed figures in gracefully balanced forms.

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Reines seeks to showcase beauty emerging from chaos. His figurines are often depicted as if frozen in the act of celestial creation, nearly complete, but not quite, and yet, perfect. Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to represent some of artist Ira Reine’s inspiring works both in-person and online.

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There’s an undeniable allure in Reines sculpture. Looking at it feels like looking at spirituality immortalized — a moment of creation captured in time. If you feel motivated to understand his process or inspiration more deeply, then our art consultants would be delighted to talk to you about it at length.

At Marcus Ashley Gallery, we want you to have a genuinely fulfilling experience with everything you buy, and we’ll go to great lengths to help you achieve that. If you have a space saved up in your art display for an Ira Reines sculpture, we can arrange an in-person or virtual home preview of the artwork you’re considering so that you can bring home the perfect piece for that space. We offer a number of other services, including private home art shows and fully-insured international shipping. We cover the shipping itself as well for deliveries in the continental U.S. We offer convenient financing options to help you buy your favorite artwork, no matter your budget. We also issue annual certificates of replacement value for all purchases. Questions? Get in touch with us today!