Romantic Stroll


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This original mixed media art piece by Aleksandra Rozenvain, titled “Romantic Stroll,” captures the vibrancy and energy of a rainy day in the city. The artist employs a bold palette to depict figures with umbrellas traversing a reflective, wet urban landscape. The technique results in a captivating patchwork of colors that blend to create an impressionistic view of city life, enhanced by the abstract application of media that adds texture and depth to the scene. The use of sharp contrasts and a rich array of colors evoke the hustle and bustle of the city while also conveying a sense of intimate, shared moments among the city-goers. Each brushstroke contributes to the dynamic atmosphere, inviting the viewer to experience the romance of the city through the artist’s eyes. Rozenvain’s work is a testament to the beauty found in everyday moments and the colorful tapestry of urban life.