Spring Gift Guide: Our Top Gift Ideas For Spring

What do you get for the art lover who has everything this spring? At Marcus Ashley Gallery, our collection is blooming with unique art and innovative artists who are at the forefront of contemporary art. If you’re looking for a unique art gift idea for spring, look no further. Whether you’re seeking a small-size piece like a Loet Vanderveen bronze animal sculpture or something on a grander scale like a commissioned piece by Miri Rozenvain, we have something for every visual aesthetic.

Explore a selection of our favorites below and browse our full collection online to find the perfect gift this season or any time of year.

Blue cubic crystal sculpture entitled Blue Spectrum by Jack Storms at Marcus Ashley Gallery
Blue Spectrum by Jack Storms

A Jack Storms original sculpture has no perfect imitation in the world. Very few people can blend optic crystal, dichroic glass, and spectrum glass in such a fascinating way. A Storms sculpture is an exquisite, unique art gift that will be cherished by any lucky recipient for generations.

These sculptures are such a kaleidoscopic marvel that they seem almost computer generated, even though they’re meticulously crafted by hand with special machinery. These sculptures have a science fiction-like, otherworldly appeal, and indeed, some were even featured in a Guardians of the Galaxy film!

Animated gif of a copper wind sculpture entitled Double Spinner by Lyman Whitaker at Marcus Ashley Gallery
Double Spinner by Lyman Whitaker

These stunning sculptures by Lyman Whitaker are mesmerizing in a garden, front yard, or public space. We adore the optical effects Whitaker manages to achieve, and the floral motifs and its function as outdoor decor make it a perfect gift idea for spring. His pieces are what first greet our gallery visitors outside of our South Lake Tahoe gallery and make a lasting impression.

With a Whitaker sculpture, you will not only have a visual marvel, but also sublime craftsmanship and mechanical integrity. Whitaker has been making these sculptures for over 50 years, and he’s well-respected for his innovative designs and reliable construction. If you’re looking for an outdoor sculpture, a Whitaker original is ideal.

Glass sculpture of a purple frog and orange flowers entitled California Gold by artist Frogman at Marcus Ashley Gallery
California Gold by Tim Cotterill “Frogman”

A Frogman sculpture would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift in May! Rather than giving your mother a set of flowers that wilt after a few days or so, give your mother a one-of-a-kind glass flower sculpture by an artist of renown. These keepsakes are created to simply put a smile on your face, and to us, that’s certainly a gift worth giving.

Colorful still life of wine, fruit, and flowers entitled Gold Rush by Eric Christensen
Gold Rush by Eric Christensen

A vibrant Eric Christensen painting is a remarkable gift idea for spring. These paintings are utterly awestriking in their realism, and the curators and collectors at Marcus Ashley Gallery simply can’t get enough.

Christensen is an undisputed master of his craft. You might not believe it, but these hyper-realistic paintings are actually watercolor! Christensen’s signature watercolor technique allows him to go beyond the look of a photograph and create a magical brightness and charm that transports viewers to the countryside. A Christensen limited edition or original would certainly be a unique art gift to remember this spring.

  • A Unique Art Book

An art book is a wonderful gift for any art lover, all times of year. We have plenty of recommendations from our gallery.

Out of the Shadows by Mackenzie Thorpe is a heartwarming story of the artist’s life and journey towards becoming an artist. Scratching the Surface covers the life and career of Sally Maxwell, a nature artist with phenomenal realism and an entrancing style. New Horizons is full of beautiful nature illustrations by Charles H. Pabst, whose mission in art is simply to “give joy and happiness.”

An art book would be an ideal gift idea for a spring graduate, especially if your grad majored in art or design!

Painting of a tropical scene and The Little Mermaid characters entitled Dreaming by Steve Barton
Dreaming by Steve Barton

Kick off the light-heartedness of spring with a delightful Steve Barton painting. These bold and colorful creations have an aura of fun and whimsy, and they’re also technically brilliant and make fine collectors’ pieces art lovers can appreciate. Take your gift to the next level and choose one of his trademark Wavy pieces, where the frame is just as much a piece of art as the painting within it.

Steve Barton is also a Lake Tahoe lover who takes plenty of his passion and inspiration from the beautiful nature seen in Tahoe and the Sierra Nevadas. If you’ve visited our gallery in South Lake Tahoe and you’re looking for a piece to commemorate your stay, look no further than our collection of Steve Barton paintings.

Realistic artwork of a wildcat entitled Stepping Out by Sally Maxwell
Stepping Out by Sally Maxwell

Sally Maxwell is a master of making the personalities and spirits of wild animals come alive through art. Her signature black backgrounds make for an eye-catching showstopper on any wall.

Amazingly, her artwork is not paint on canvas. She uses a unique scratchboard technique to achieve her crisp lines and bold contrast, a medium which few contemporary artists have mastered. A Maxwell limited edition or original is a fine gift for any art appreciator and animal lover.

Find More Unique Art Gifts at Marcus Ashley Gallery

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what our expansive gallery and online collection have to offer. Marcus Ashley Gallery is a destination for art lovers in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, and our extensive range of gallery services online and in-person make us the perfect place to find an art gift idea for spring. Contact us for more information about any of the artists in this guide or for help finding the perfect gift for your family. We’re here to help!

Art for Nature Lovers: Landscape Canvas Print Gifts at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Marcus Ashley Gallery is located in the beautiful scenery of South Lake Tahoe, where we are incredibly fortunate to have the majesty of nature in our backyard. Many pieces in our collection are inspired by the natural landscapes that surround us, and our art curators are often asked what artwork can commemorate their love for the landscape.

Here are our best ideas for landscape canvas prints, landscape pictures (framed or unframed prints), and landscape photography wall art. Enjoy our inspired collection.

Rolinda Stotts’ “Artfully Ruined” Landscapes

Stotts has pioneered a style of landscape painting that is truly unparalleled. She uses a technique she’s named “Bella Rotta,” which translates to “beautiful broken” in Italian. She purposely breaks and damages her artwork to imitate age and decay. The destruction adds texture, intrigue, dimension, and life to otherwise gentle, peaceful nature scenes.

A Stotts landscape canvas print (or mixed media painting) would make a fantastic gift for a nature lover, especially one who can appreciate the beauty found in imperfection.

Dancing Light

Rare and Glorious Nature Photography by Jon Paul

Capturing the true grandeur of nature with a camera is not easy, yet Jon Paul manages to accomplish it time and time again. Jon Paul has dedicated his life to portraying the mysteries of the wild.

Paul has an impressive repertoire. Our Jon Paul collection encompasses panoramas, landscapes, wildlife, night shots, black and white subjects, national parks, the Southwest, and 

photographs of our very own Lake Tahoe. If you want to purchase landscape photography wall art for yourself or as a gift, we can’t recommend Jon Paul’s work highly enough.

Snow Capped

Barak Rozenvain’s Stunning Mountains

Rozenvain is inspired by his hometown of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. What you can’t quite see online is how Rozenvain illustrates the tremendous depth of the mountains in three dimensions, essentially creating a sculpture on canvas with thick paint. The result is a homage to snow-capped mountains that comes remarkably close to the real thing.

Many of Rozenvain’s original works are for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery, and you can also have his landscape photos framed using our gallery services.

Painting of a colorful canyon with a cowboy on horseback entitled Canyon Floor by Charles Pabst

The Majestic Landscapes of Charles Pabst

There are few artists alive today who have mastered color and landscape in the way Charles Pabst has. In stunning pastel hues, Pabst explores the beauty of America’s national parks, especially the untamed West. In his paintings, you can get lost in worlds of color and light that draw you with their vivid, ethereal calmness.

Charles Pabst is one of the finest contemporary landscape painters today, and a limited edition landscape canvas print from his collection would be an exquisite gift for any art collector.

Winter's Twilight

Alexander Volkov’s Fascinating Realism

Renowned artist Alexander Volkov uses oil paint with such expertise that you might often confuse his paintings for photographs. The pieces he creates with his paintbrush are nothing short of magical. 

His interplay of light is one of his strengths, and it’s also a feature that’s incredibly important to him. Volkov says: “There is no greater mystery to me than the conflict of light and darkness. In the way they clash and penetrate each other, there is the source of everything. Whether I paint a landscape, a still-life or a portrait, within it there is always a story of light traveling through darkness.”

Not only do we have a variety of astounding limited edition landscape canvas prints available at our store, we’re also thrilled to offer a few select Alexander Volkov originals. Your nature-loving recipient will be very lucky indeed if they’re gifted one of these rare and special works of art.

Have Landscape Paintings Framed at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Our highly experienced custom framers can frame your artwork to perfection and customize your frame to your interior decor. Our experts are happy to discuss framing options with you. Simply contact us or visit us in person at our spacious South Lake Tahoe gallery. We look forward to helping you find a fantastic gift for the nature lover in your life.

Gift Ideas for Private Art Collectors & Art Lovers

What do you get for the private art collector that has it all? Taste is incredibly subjective, of course, but Marcus Ashley Gallery boasts a collection of inspiring artwork that any collector would be proud to display in their personal gallery. 

If you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one or cherished friend, our art connoisseurs are able to help. Peruse these gift ideas for art lovers and explore more breathtaking options at our online gallery.

Painting of a white tree and sunflower field entitles Wild World by Mario Jung

Mario Jung Originals

Jung’s contemporary impasto landscapes are distinctive for their clean lines, vivid colors, and rich details. His paintings often feature a single poignant tree, created by meticulously layering oil paint to achieve a three-dimensional effect. 

His paintings are as unique as his story. After a fall interrupted his art career and left him blind, deaf, and paralyzed, Jung miraculously recovered. He returned to art through sheer determination and force of will. He has dedicated his life to art ever since and has enjoyed worldwide fame among public and private art collectors alike.

Painting of a white angel woman with a black unicorn entitled Dark Unicorn by Michael Parkes

Michael Parkes’ Limited Edition Canvas

Michael Parkes is an exemplary artist that Marcus Ashley Gallery is incredibly proud to showcase. He has single-handedly advanced the genre of “magical realism” to brave new heights by blending surrealism with magic, ancient myths, and mysteries.

His body of work is both expansive and varied. He has mastered oil painting, stone lithographs, bronze sculptures, vellum drawings, and even jewelry. A Michael Parkes original or limited edition is a fantastic gift idea for any art lover.


Rolinda Stotts’ “Bella Rotta” Originals

Rolinda Stotts’ artwork is highly distinctive for its “Bella Rotta” process, an Italian term she coined which translates to “beautiful broken.” She paints dramatic, gorgeous nature scenes, often on multiple panels, and then purposely breaks and damages them to imitate imperfection and create unique textures.  

Stotts’ artwork is popular for its charm, individuality, and composition. At Marcus Ashley Gallery, we’re also pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to commission a one-of-a-kind piece for private art collectors.

To take your gift experience to the next level, reach out to us to learn more about Rolinda Stotts’ home shows, wherein she will visit your recipient’s home and help consult on how best to decorate blank wall spaces with her multi-part artwork.

Bernhardt Trail

Charles Pabst Limited Edition Prints

Pabst’s love for the beauty of natural America and Italy is the dominant feature in his works. His mastery over the brush is unparalleled and universally admired.

You may have heard of Pabst: he is one of the finest American contemporary landscape artists alive today. His art is in huge demand both domestically and internationally, and one look at his stunning works will explain why. A Charles Pabst limited edition print is an ideal gift idea for art lovers everywhere.

Browse the Collection at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Our gallery is renowned for its impeccable collection, knowledgeable staff, and excellent service for private art collectors. Let us help you discover awe-inspiring art and select the finest gift ideas for art lovers. Contact us with any questions or visit us at our beautiful South Lake Tahoe gallery. 

Gift Guide: An Art Book Collection for Art Lovers

Delight the art lover in your life with a special artist coffee table book from our gallery. In the latest edition of our gift guide series, we’ll explore the Marcus Ashley Gallery art book collection so you can find a unique gift for art lovers that will amaze, inspire, and amuse them every time they pick it up.

The Devil's In The Detail - Book - Todd White
The Devil’s In The Detail – Book – Todd White

1. Todd White: The Devil’s in the Detail 

Todd White is a legend among high society art collectors. He lives his life in the spotlight, and his meticulous observation of human nature shines through in his whimsical, mysterious works.

His acclaimed book, The Devil’s in the Detail, tells the story of the Hollywood intrigue that White has encountered over the years. It’s a fascinating glimpse into a life fraught with envy, drama, and revelry.

Image of Alexander Volkov's Book

2. Alexander Volkov: A Study of Time Past

Volkov is enamored with the fleeting, transient beauty of the natural world. His second book, A Study of Time Past, explores the beauty not often seen by the distracted eye in our modern world. This gorgeous artist coffee table book encourages you to stop, reflect on, and appreciate the simple elegance of nature. 

A Boy and His Rocket -Book - Markus Pierson
A Boy and His Rocket -Book – Markus Pierson

3. Markus Pierson: A Boy and His Rocket

The story of Markus Pierson’s art career is like no other. He was once a bookkeeper, but after narrowly surviving Crohn’s disease, he decided to turn over a new leaf and become an artist. This unique gift for art lovers celebrates the absurdity, triumph, and heartbreak of life. 

Out of the Shadows - Book - Mackenzie Thorpe
Out of the Shadows – Book – Mackenzie Thorpe

4. Mackenzie Thorpe: Out of the Shadows

Out of the Shadows tells the story of a family through old photos, personal quotes, and inspirational artwork. Thorpe manages to capture the whole scope of human emotion in one fascinating book. It’s an essential addition to your art book collection that you won’t want to miss.

City Expressions - Book - Michael Flohr
City Expressions – Book – Michael Flohr

5. Michael Flohr: City Expressions

This 190-page book took over three years to complete. It’s a kaleidoscope of color and majesty that only Flohr’s unique impressionistic art style can evoke. It also comes with four art prints!

Paintings From the Kitchen Table Lockdown 2020 - Book - Mackenzie Thorpe
Paintings From the Kitchen Table Lockdown 2020 – Book – Mackenzie Thorpe

6. Mackenzie Thorpe: Paintings from the Kitchen Table Lockdown

This popular artist’s coffee table book is not only charming, but topical. Thorpe created this exceptional artwork collection during the UK lockdown in 2020, in which he painted a watercolor or acrylic work every single day. 

This visual chronicle takes you through a personal and emotional journey that’s a delight to explore. It’s one of the first publications in what certainly will be a slew of pandemic-inspired artwork in every art book collection.

New Horizons - Book - Charles Pabst
New Horizons – Book – Charles Pabst

7. Charles Pabst: New Horizons

Pabst’s landscapes are utterly stunning, both on canvas and in print. His talent in landscapes is unparalleled, and his ultimate goal is simply to bring happiness to others. New Horizons is one of the most popular items in our art book collection, and we encourage you to peruse its beautiful pages.

Scratching the Surface - Book - Sally Maxwell
Scratching the Surface – Book – Sally Maxwell

8. Sally Maxwell: Scratching the Surface

Maxwell’s Scratching the Surface covers the life of a wildlife artist who persisted against trends and took scratchboard and monochromatic drawings to the next level. This book includes a foreword by artist John Banovich and a thoughtful essay by Todd Wilkinson.

Orchid Stories - Book - Rolinda Stotts
Orchid Stories – Book – Rolinda Stotts

9. Rolinda Stotts: Orchid Stories

The story behind Orchid Stories is as uplifting as the artwork itself. Stotts was inspired by an orchid farm when facing the devastating reality of her friend having stage 4 cancer. She created her series of orchid paintings so that each bloom would send a message of hope, life, and growth. 

Regarding this unique gift for art lovers, Stotts says: “I was not just painting orchids. I was painting love.”

Welcome to Marcus Ashley Gallery

If you’ve liked perusing our art book collection, we encourage you to browse our full gallery either online or in person in South Lake Tahoe. Welcome to the gallery!