Spring Gift Guide: Our Top Gift Ideas For Spring

Bronze sculpture of a family of giraffes displayed outside by artist Loet Vanderveen at Marcus Ashley Gallery

What do you get for the art lover who has everything this spring? At Marcus Ashley Gallery, our collection is blooming with unique art and innovative artists who are at the forefront of contemporary art. If you’re looking for a unique art gift idea for spring, look no further. Whether you’re seeking a small-size piece like a Loet Vanderveen bronze animal sculpture or something on a grander scale like a commissioned piece by Miri Rozenvain, we have something for every visual aesthetic.

Explore a selection of our favorites below and browse our full collection online to find the perfect gift this season or any time of year.

Blue cubic crystal sculpture entitled Blue Spectrum by Jack Storms at Marcus Ashley Gallery
Blue Spectrum by Jack Storms

A Jack Storms original sculpture has no perfect imitation in the world. Very few people can blend optic crystal, dichroic glass, and spectrum glass in such a fascinating way. A Storms sculpture is an exquisite, unique art gift that will be cherished by any lucky recipient for generations.

These sculptures are such a kaleidoscopic marvel that they seem almost computer generated, even though they’re meticulously crafted by hand with special machinery. These sculptures have a science fiction-like, otherworldly appeal, and indeed, some were even featured in a Guardians of the Galaxy film!

Animated gif of a copper wind sculpture entitled Double Spinner by Lyman Whitaker at Marcus Ashley Gallery
Double Spinner by Lyman Whitaker

These stunning sculptures by Lyman Whitaker are mesmerizing in a garden, front yard, or public space. We adore the optical effects Whitaker manages to achieve, and the floral motifs and its function as outdoor decor make it a perfect gift idea for spring. His pieces are what first greet our gallery visitors outside of our South Lake Tahoe gallery and make a lasting impression.

With a Whitaker sculpture, you will not only have a visual marvel, but also sublime craftsmanship and mechanical integrity. Whitaker has been making these sculptures for over 50 years, and he’s well-respected for his innovative designs and reliable construction. If you’re looking for an outdoor sculpture, a Whitaker original is ideal.

Glass sculpture of a purple frog and orange flowers entitled California Gold by artist Frogman at Marcus Ashley Gallery
California Gold by Tim Cotterill “Frogman”

A Frogman sculpture would make a fantastic Mother’s Day gift in May! Rather than giving your mother a set of flowers that wilt after a few days or so, give your mother a one-of-a-kind glass flower sculpture by an artist of renown. These keepsakes are created to simply put a smile on your face, and to us, that’s certainly a gift worth giving.

Colorful still life of wine, fruit, and flowers entitled Gold Rush by Eric Christensen
Gold Rush by Eric Christensen

A vibrant Eric Christensen painting is a remarkable gift idea for spring. These paintings are utterly awestriking in their realism, and the curators and collectors at Marcus Ashley Gallery simply can’t get enough.

Christensen is an undisputed master of his craft. You might not believe it, but these hyper-realistic paintings are actually watercolor! Christensen’s signature watercolor technique allows him to go beyond the look of a photograph and create a magical brightness and charm that transports viewers to the countryside. A Christensen limited edition or original would certainly be a unique art gift to remember this spring.

  • A Unique Art Book

An art book is a wonderful gift for any art lover, all times of year. We have plenty of recommendations from our gallery.

Out of the Shadows by Mackenzie Thorpe is a heartwarming story of the artist’s life and journey towards becoming an artist. Scratching the Surface covers the life and career of Sally Maxwell, a nature artist with phenomenal realism and an entrancing style. New Horizons is full of beautiful nature illustrations by Charles H. Pabst, whose mission in art is simply to “give joy and happiness.”

An art book would be an ideal gift idea for a spring graduate, especially if your grad majored in art or design!

Painting of a tropical scene and The Little Mermaid characters entitled Dreaming by Steve Barton
Dreaming by Steve Barton

Kick off the light-heartedness of spring with a delightful Steve Barton painting. These bold and colorful creations have an aura of fun and whimsy, and they’re also technically brilliant and make fine collectors’ pieces art lovers can appreciate. Take your gift to the next level and choose one of his trademark Wavy pieces, where the frame is just as much a piece of art as the painting within it.

Steve Barton is also a Lake Tahoe lover who takes plenty of his passion and inspiration from the beautiful nature seen in Tahoe and the Sierra Nevadas. If you’ve visited our gallery in South Lake Tahoe and you’re looking for a piece to commemorate your stay, look no further than our collection of Steve Barton paintings.

Realistic artwork of a wildcat entitled Stepping Out by Sally Maxwell
Stepping Out by Sally Maxwell

Sally Maxwell is a master of making the personalities and spirits of wild animals come alive through art. Her signature black backgrounds make for an eye-catching showstopper on any wall.

Amazingly, her artwork is not paint on canvas. She uses a unique scratchboard technique to achieve her crisp lines and bold contrast, a medium which few contemporary artists have mastered. A Maxwell limited edition or original is a fine gift for any art appreciator and animal lover.

Find More Unique Art Gifts at Marcus Ashley Gallery

We’ve barely scratched the surface of what our expansive gallery and online collection have to offer. Marcus Ashley Gallery is a destination for art lovers in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, and our extensive range of gallery services online and in-person make us the perfect place to find an art gift idea for spring. Contact us for more information about any of the artists in this guide or for help finding the perfect gift for your family. We’re here to help!