Gift Ideas for Private Art Collectors & Art Lovers

Framed artworks wrapped in hand painted paper with a red bow

What do you get for the private art collector that has it all? Taste is incredibly subjective, of course, but Marcus Ashley Gallery boasts a collection of inspiring artwork that any collector would be proud to display in their personal gallery. 

If you’re looking for a special gift for a loved one or cherished friend, our art connoisseurs are able to help. Peruse these gift ideas for art lovers and explore more breathtaking options at our online gallery.

Painting of a white tree and sunflower field entitles Wild World by Mario Jung

Mario Jung Originals

Jung’s contemporary impasto landscapes are distinctive for their clean lines, vivid colors, and rich details. His paintings often feature a single poignant tree, created by meticulously layering oil paint to achieve a three-dimensional effect. 

His paintings are as unique as his story. After a fall interrupted his art career and left him blind, deaf, and paralyzed, Jung miraculously recovered. He returned to art through sheer determination and force of will. He has dedicated his life to art ever since and has enjoyed worldwide fame among public and private art collectors alike.

Painting of a white angel woman with a black unicorn entitled Dark Unicorn by Michael Parkes

Michael Parkes’ Limited Edition Canvas

Michael Parkes is an exemplary artist that Marcus Ashley Gallery is incredibly proud to showcase. He has single-handedly advanced the genre of “magical realism” to brave new heights by blending surrealism with magic, ancient myths, and mysteries.

His body of work is both expansive and varied. He has mastered oil painting, stone lithographs, bronze sculptures, vellum drawings, and even jewelry. A Michael Parkes original or limited edition is a fantastic gift idea for any art lover.


Rolinda Stotts’ “Bella Rotta” Originals

Rolinda Stotts’ artwork is highly distinctive for its “Bella Rotta” process, an Italian term she coined which translates to “beautiful broken.” She paints dramatic, gorgeous nature scenes, often on multiple panels, and then purposely breaks and damages them to imitate imperfection and create unique textures.  

Stotts’ artwork is popular for its charm, individuality, and composition. At Marcus Ashley Gallery, we’re also pleased to offer our clients the opportunity to commission a one-of-a-kind piece for private art collectors.

To take your gift experience to the next level, reach out to us to learn more about Rolinda Stotts’ home shows, wherein she will visit your recipient’s home and help consult on how best to decorate blank wall spaces with her multi-part artwork.

Bernhardt Trail

Charles Pabst Limited Edition Prints

Pabst’s love for the beauty of natural America and Italy is the dominant feature in his works. His mastery over the brush is unparalleled and universally admired.

You may have heard of Pabst: he is one of the finest American contemporary landscape artists alive today. His art is in huge demand both domestically and internationally, and one look at his stunning works will explain why. A Charles Pabst limited edition print is an ideal gift idea for art lovers everywhere.

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