The Devil’s In The Detail – Todd White


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Todd White’s stylish, avant-garde figurative work represents a highly personal take on the machinations of the human mind. His unerring eye recreates every nuance of body language and expressions – a sidelong glance, a come-hither stare – and draws us inexorably into his enticing and witty world.

Amongst his countless achievements Todd is the artist of choice for the world’s most high profile showbiz events and a list of his celebrity collectors (Abbey Clancey, Sharon Stone, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Sylvester Stallone, Mary J. Blige, Barry Sonnenfeld) reads like a Who’s Who of Hollywood and beyond. His appointment as Official Artist to the GRAMMY® Awards, and Warner Bros’ invitation to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ on canvas have cemented his position as the world’s most glamorous artist.

Todd is a compulsive observer of detail, and his work shows a range of characters surrounded by the props that are a part of their performance as they go through life – drinks, books, an item of clothing or even a cleaver… Todd spends his life people-watching, scribbling down sketches whatever the situation to record an idea for his next work. While his subjects come from everyday life, his perspective is so unusual that he alters the way we perceive people and the roles we play around each other.

Wherever Todd goes the spotlight follows – he inhabits a world peopled by those faces we all recognise. But whether he’s caught on camera shooting the breeze with Glenn Close, being interviewed by the great Larry King, chatting to Paris Hilton in the Green Room or entertaining boxing world champion Wladimir Klitschko in his studio, one thing’s certain: he’s always on the lookout for the perfect conversation, expression or idea to capture in his next painting!

The Devil’s In The Detail (Book) Todd White Merchandise From Globally Acclaimed Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“I’m not lucky by any means. I work very hard at what I do and I never stop. I always like to say, ‘the funny thing about luck is the harder I work, the luckier I get.’” – Todd White

Uncover the mysteries and intrigues that surround the rich and famous of Hollywood through the Todd White art pieces at Marcus Ashley Gallery. Famous for his raunchy figurative expressionist oil paintings, White portrays the lifestyle of LA’s elite in vibrant colors from an extraordinary perspective.

This collection is gathered in the pages of The Devil’s In The Detail, a hardcover book printed in full color. Here, Todd White followers can admire his artwork over and over again. Be awe-inspired by the meticulous outlines that breathe life into his subjects. Laugh at the naughty innuendos. Swoon over his voluptuous women. Revel in the parties of gowned socialites and tuxedoed golfers. Dive into the White universe where martinis flow endlessly and sexual overtones are the order of the day. You can display this book on your coffee table, jealously guard it in your treasure chest, or present it as a gift to a loved one.