Art for Nature Lovers: Landscape Canvas Print Gifts at Marcus Ashley Gallery


Marcus Ashley Gallery is located in the beautiful scenery of South Lake Tahoe, where we are incredibly fortunate to have the majesty of nature in our backyard. Many pieces in our collection are inspired by the natural landscapes that surround us, and our art curators are often asked what artwork can commemorate their love for the landscape.

Here are our best ideas for landscape canvas prints, landscape pictures (framed or unframed prints), and landscape photography wall art. Enjoy our inspired collection.

Rolinda Stotts’ “Artfully Ruined” Landscapes

Stotts has pioneered a style of landscape painting that is truly unparalleled. She uses a technique she’s named “Bella Rotta,” which translates to “beautiful broken” in Italian. She purposely breaks and damages her artwork to imitate age and decay. The destruction adds texture, intrigue, dimension, and life to otherwise gentle, peaceful nature scenes.

A Stotts landscape canvas print (or mixed media painting) would make a fantastic gift for a nature lover, especially one who can appreciate the beauty found in imperfection.

Dancing Light

Rare and Glorious Nature Photography by Jon Paul

Capturing the true grandeur of nature with a camera is not easy, yet Jon Paul manages to accomplish it time and time again. Jon Paul has dedicated his life to portraying the mysteries of the wild.

Paul has an impressive repertoire. Our Jon Paul collection encompasses panoramas, landscapes, wildlife, night shots, black and white subjects, national parks, the Southwest, and 

photographs of our very own Lake Tahoe. If you want to purchase landscape photography wall art for yourself or as a gift, we can’t recommend Jon Paul’s work highly enough.

Snow Capped

Barak Rozenvain’s Stunning Mountains

Rozenvain is inspired by his hometown of Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. What you can’t quite see online is how Rozenvain illustrates the tremendous depth of the mountains in three dimensions, essentially creating a sculpture on canvas with thick paint. The result is a homage to snow-capped mountains that comes remarkably close to the real thing.

Many of Rozenvain’s original works are for sale at Marcus Ashley Gallery, and you can also have his landscape photos framed using our gallery services.

Painting of a colorful canyon with a cowboy on horseback entitled Canyon Floor by Charles Pabst

The Majestic Landscapes of Charles Pabst

There are few artists alive today who have mastered color and landscape in the way Charles Pabst has. In stunning pastel hues, Pabst explores the beauty of America’s national parks, especially the untamed West. In his paintings, you can get lost in worlds of color and light that draw you with their vivid, ethereal calmness.

Charles Pabst is one of the finest contemporary landscape painters today, and a limited edition landscape canvas print from his collection would be an exquisite gift for any art collector.

Winter's Twilight

Alexander Volkov’s Fascinating Realism

Renowned artist Alexander Volkov uses oil paint with such expertise that you might often confuse his paintings for photographs. The pieces he creates with his paintbrush are nothing short of magical. 

His interplay of light is one of his strengths, and it’s also a feature that’s incredibly important to him. Volkov says: “There is no greater mystery to me than the conflict of light and darkness. In the way they clash and penetrate each other, there is the source of everything. Whether I paint a landscape, a still-life or a portrait, within it there is always a story of light traveling through darkness.”

Not only do we have a variety of astounding limited edition landscape canvas prints available at our store, we’re also thrilled to offer a few select Alexander Volkov originals. Your nature-loving recipient will be very lucky indeed if they’re gifted one of these rare and special works of art.

Have Landscape Paintings Framed at Marcus Ashley Gallery

Our highly experienced custom framers can frame your artwork to perfection and customize your frame to your interior decor. Our experts are happy to discuss framing options with you. Simply contact us or visit us in person at our spacious South Lake Tahoe gallery. We look forward to helping you find a fantastic gift for the nature lover in your life.