Going Bananas


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3 lbs.

Add on as many monkeys as you want, and arrange them however you like.
This is a tribute to some of the most timeless comedians to ever grace the stage:

The Three Stooges
Charlie Chaplin
Laurel and Hardy
Carol Burnett
The Little Rascals: Spanky, Alfalfa and Darla


Going Bananas
Going Bananas 2
The Monkey Bar

“Going Bananas” by Paul Lotz is a bronze sculpture that showcases the artist’s adeptness in infusing traditional craftsmanship with a dose of levity and surrealism. The sculpture presents a monkey in an animated pose, with arms and legs contorted into heart shapes, exuding an air of playfulness and exuberance.

This sculpture is rich in texture, capturing the coarse fur of the monkey with high fidelity, which contrasts with the smoothness of the monkey’s vest and the polished sheen of its top hat, suggesting a meticulous attention to the juxtaposition of textures. Lotz’s skill in bronze work shines through in the intricate details of the monkey’s expressive face and the lifelike portrayal of its limbs.

With its whimsical posture and human-like attire, “Going Bananas” embodies a joyful abandon and a clever twist on the phrase it is named after, which is often used to describe a state of wild excitement. Lotz’s work invites viewers into a world where the normal rules are bent, and where the joy of the unexpected is celebrated. This piece would be a conversation starter, appealing to those with a penchant for art that combines the classical with the comical.