A Barrel of Fun!


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6 lbs.

Add on as many monkeys as you want, and arrange them however you like.
This is a tribute to some of the most timeless comedians to ever grace the stage:

The Three Stooges
Charlie Chaplin
Laurel and Hardy
Carol Burnett
The Little Rascals: Spanky, Alfalfa and Darla


Going Bananas
Going Bananas 2
The Monkey Bar

“A Barrel of Fun!” by Paul Lotz is a whimsical bronze sculpture that perfectly encapsulates the artist’s penchant for blending the playful with the profound. This piece features a trio of monkeys perched in and on a barrel, each with a distinct expression and pose that seem to represent the classic “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” motif.

The top monkey is depicted with a carefree grin, while the second covers its ears and the third its mouth, each one capturing the timeless proverb with a modern twist. Below the barrel, a fourth monkey dangles, adorned with a bowler hat and spectacles, adding a humorous touch of sophistication.

The texture and finish of the bronze give the piece an antique look, while the expressive faces and lively postures of the monkeys bring a sense of animation and character. Lotz’s mastery of his medium is evident in the detailed rendering of the monkeys’ fur and the wooden texture of the barrel.

This sculpture is more than just a decorative piece; it invites contemplation on the wisdom of the ages through a lens of humor and contemporary artistry. “A Barrel of Fun!” would be an eye-catching addition to any space, offering a daily reminder to approach life’s complexities with a smile.