Fish Out of Water


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9 lbs.

The sculpture shown is an imaginative and whimsical piece titled “Fish Out of Water.” It features a bronze fish with a beautifully detailed body and fins, suspended as if swimming through the air. The fish is held aloft by chains connected to two halves of a spherical object, possibly representing the globe or a stylized water bubble. The spherical object is adorned with a darker bronze net-like pattern and has a rugged, textured finish at its equator, adding an organic and tactile contrast to the smoother parts.

The fish itself is rendered with a sense of movement and fluidity, its scales carefully etched to catch the light, and its fins splayed out as though caught mid-swim. The choice of bronze as a medium provides a classical feel to the sculpture, with the golden-brown patina of the metal giving it a timeless quality. This piece could be interpreted as a commentary on the environment or a playful take on the phrase “fish out of water,” suggesting being in an unusual or unexpected situation.

Overall, Paul Lotz’s “Fish Out of Water” is a striking and thought-provoking work that combines skilled craftsmanship with a touch of surrealism. It would make an intriguing addition to any space, inviting viewers to ponder its meaning while appreciating its artistic beauty.