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Dimensions 14.5 × 7 × 2.25 in

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Collectors with a keen interest in animal-inspired sculptures will find Frogman art particularly splendid. The Marcus Ashley Gallery displays a bulk of the sculptor’s inimitable work for visitors to browse through at length. Growing up in England, Frogman fondly remembers observing frogs and the like in the countryside. His fascination for animals is evident in the intricate detailing of every sculpture he creates. His sculptures are well-loved by private collectors, artists, and well-known figures.


Fuego is a gorgeous gecko sculpture poised to scurry after its meal for the day. The gradient amber patina settles across the gecko’s body, animating its nimble frame. Notice how Frogman includes tactile details such as little bumps across the sculpture’s back to create the illusion of textured skin. Gold-tipped feet draw attention to the little gecko’s extended toes.


Fuego will prove to be a quirky, attention-grabbing addition for those wanting to play up their walls with an interesting sculpture. We’re certain that the wall-mountable sculpture will make for an interesting topic of conversation among friends and family. Visitors to the gallery will also love exploring Frogman’s other animal-inspired collections that appear to either glide, jump, or dart with genuine vigor and enthusiasm.