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The Marcus Ashley Gallery employs a team of knowledgeable, artistically brilliant experts who actively assist newbie and seasoned collectors or even regular visitors with a love for art. Visitors will enjoy exploring the spacious walkways and viewing areas of the gallery that exhibit an amazing range of gift items, oil and watercolor paintings, sculptures, metal art, and jewelry, to name a few.


Frogman art by Tim Cotterill is part of the gallery’s ever-expanding oeuvre of eclectic collections. The passionate sculptor exacts his prowess to create an enchanting array of animal-inspired works. You’ll find that his sculptures stare back with a life-like realness that is both startling and impressive.


Inquisitive yet cautious, Froglet searches for his place in the pond. A speckled green and gold patina ensures that this youngster will stand out among the others. Frogman delights his audience with this sprightly addition to his collection. The remarkable piece is unlike the sculptor’s full-grown amphibians that already command the habitats they live in.

In Froglet, the little guy’s searching eyes absorb the details of his new world. As he tries to soak it all up, one cannot help but relate to his disposition of getting used to the new and unfamiliar.