The Hunt – BF216


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Dimensions 5.5 × 2.5 × 14 in


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Upcoming and seasoned artists consider the Marcus Ashley Gallery a prime location to display their work. The patrons of the gallery maintain an accessible platform where contemporary art is celebrated and revered. Visitors often return to the gallery to enjoy the collections and attend exhibitions, workshops, and artist sitdowns. A part of the gallery’s commendable selection of sculptures is Frogman art, a collection of realistic pieces that delight the senses. Adventure, love, and friendship are some of the themes that Frogman channels through his work.

The Hunt captures a tense yet amusing scene of two frogs attempting to locate an elusive ladybug on an oak leaf. Even as the ladybug ducks under the leaf, the two frogs appear perplexed but determined to snag their snack! Frogman opts for a saturated deep orange patina to highlight the delicate forms of the frogs. Against their cheery tones, the bright green and red patinas serve as the perfect accents.

The sculptor spent most of his teenage years in an engineering apprenticeship. Although he found it dull and unexciting, he picked up valuable skills along the way. The Hunt is a testament to his craft, which has only gotten better with time.