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Dimensions 1 × 2.25 × 3.25 in

Limited Edition

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“Gem” is a lustrous addition to the Frogman Bronze collection, a piece that truly lives up to its name. The sculpture features an alert and spirited frog, poised as though it’s about to make a leap. The patina is a complex mosaic of deep, mossy greens mingled with earthen golds, giving the creature a look of organic elegance as though it has just emerged from a dew-covered leaf.

The detailing on “Gem” is exquisite, with black polished limbs tipped with coppery accents that create a striking contrast against its vibrant body. The gloss finish adds a sense of wetness, enhancing the amphibian’s lifelike appearance. This piece encapsulates the essence of a gemstone—precious, polished, and full of natural wonder, making it an excellent piece for collectors who appreciate art that mimics the delicate balance and beauty found in the natural world.