Lookin’ for Love


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Dimensions 2 × 8 × 6 in


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Avid and budding collectors often visit the Marcus Ashley Gallery to explore the gallery’s ever-expanding collection. Frogman art is one of the unique collections that graces the gallery.


The creator, Tim “Frogman” Cotterill, is particularly famous for his frog-inspired sculptures. However, his oeuvre includes an impressive variety of geckos, birds, and koi fish, and his lifelike sculptures attract many visitors.


Lookin’ for Love reveals a lavender frog with a pale white underbelly, peeking through a cluster of grass. As he looks into the distance, the frog appears to be looking for a mate to frolic with. As the frog’s unmoving beady eyes continue searching, little does he know that a ladybug has her eyes on him. Frogman’s signature addition sits pretty on a blade of grass, giving this sculpture a classic finish. Lookin’ for Love incorporates a motley of bright, uplifting colors that will effortlessly complement any interior space.


The free-standing sculpture is crafted with absolute care and love through the Lost Wax process. Although laborious and time-consuming, the technique results in the detailed, faultless artwork that the Frogman is known for.