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Dimensions 10.5 × 10 × 9.5 in


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a prime exhibition space in Lake Tahoe for those looking to view and buy Frogman art. Tim “Frogman” Cotterill works out of his California-based studio to craft his animal-inspired works. Once a figure is sketched and molded, it is finished in a foundry. The sculptor relies on the Lost Wax casting process to create flawless work. Often time-consuming, the technique involves a team of highly skilled individuals who bring Frogman’s visions to life.


In Digger, a tenacious turquoise blue frog mounts a garden fork wedged into the soil. While the butterfly sits pretty on the daisy, the frog attempts to reach for the winged beauty. Watch how the frog is determined to get to his afternoon snack! Frogman creates a realistic representation of the frog amidst its woodland surroundings. Smooth lines, bright patinas, and intricate details make Digger a fascinating sculpture to bring home.


The sculptor’s love for nature’s little creatures stems from a childhood of exploring the countryside and its gurgling streams. Fans of Frogman’s work find his sculptures such a joy to collect and view at leisure. Place Digger on a center table, bookcase, or windowsill to add a touch of whimsy to an interior space.