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Dimensions 5.5 × 5.25 × 3.5 in

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Lake Tahoe is known for its breathtaking beauty but more so as an inspirational hub for creative minds. It’s why you’ll find the Californian region immortalized in the works of several artists. The Marcus Ashley Gallery is a premier location for collectors to view and buy pieces of interest and houses the work of past and present artists. You’ll find that local and international talent are equally supported by the gallery. While you’re here, do come away on a visual journey to view our exceptional collection of Frogman art.

Tim Cotterill goes by the moniker, Frogman for his love and fondness for amphibians. As a child, the sculptor recalls how he spent his days playing along streams and in the countryside, where he’d chance upon different kinds of frogs. Their bright, unusual skins and quirky attitudes inspired him to create his iconic line of frog-inspired works.

In Portobello, a green jewel-toned frog clings onto a bulbous mushroom head. Famished and on the lookout for a snack, the frog positions itself at a height to catch a snack or two (unaware of the hidden ladybug!). Frogman goes with rich earthy patinas for Portobello to draw attention to the authenticity and beauty of life in the great outdoors.