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Lake Tahoe, with its breathtaking views of azure waters and snow-capped mountains is truly a postcard destination. Visitors who travel to this vibrant yet relaxing destination will find it’s also the perfect place to view and buy art. The prestigious Marcus Ashley Gallery in Heavenly Village is home to the works of past and present artists. From Dr. Seuss to Michelangelo to Ira Reines to Michael Flohr, art enthusiasts will be thrilled to explore the collections of various artists on display here. Fans of the metalworks virtuoso Tim Cotterill will be thrilled to find Frogman art at the gallery.

Frogman introduces us to the stunning Morning Glory, a sculpture that underscores the beauty of a frog in its habitat. A lovely summer bloom, morning glories have trumpet-shaped petals and pretty tendrils that cascade towards the earth. The sculpture depicts an earthy-toned yellow frog sitting under a pretty morning glory flower. Notice how the sculptor reveals a bud slowly emerging from the plant, creating a mesmerizing display of color and form.

Frogman adds the final touch to the sculpture by placing a tiny ladybug on a tendril. The pair of critters appear to enjoy basking in the flower’s fragrance. Morning Glory is a spectacular sculpture that collectors can pick up from the gallery.