Off the Wall


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Dimensions 11 × 4 × 28 in

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City dwellers will enjoy spending time in Lake Tahoe, away from the frenetic atmosphere and the hustle and bustle of city life. They can steep in the beauty of nature and experience absolute tranquility in this Sierra Nevada oasis. Those looking for an invigorating affair with art can visit the Marcus Ashley Gallery. As custodians of the visual arts, the gallery curates a formidable array of exhibits by past and present artists. It’s also a beautiful location to view and buy Frogman art.

Tim Cotterill, known to fans and the art community as Frogman, ushers viewers into a fantastical world where his whimsical, life-like sculptures come alive. Experience the life and energy of his animal-inspired work right here at the gallery. In his new release, Off the Wall, two intricately textured frogs sit perfectly still on the leaves of a twisted vine. A graceful butterfly suckles on juicy red berries just a few inches away. Even as likely foes, the trio remains at peace in each other’s company. Frogman highlights the delicate balance of nature, a strong theme that several of his pieces reflect.

Off the Wall features a mesmerizing motley of patinas that complement each subject’s unique beauty and form. Collectors can mount the sculpture on the keyhole at the top of the vine.