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When you step foot into the Marcus Ashley Gallery you will be transposed to the bizarre, beautiful, and fantastical world of art. Visitors frequent the gallery to acquire collections by local, national, and global talent. Several of the gallery’s exhibits make their way into homes and commercial establishments across the country and world. The Californian showroom is also an idyllic location to view and buy Frogman art. You’ll find that the sculptor’s little creatures make perfect companions for practically any space.


Cosmos is a curious little frog that often looks towards the heavens at night, admiring how the stars shift across the eternal darkness. Frogman crafts the frog sculpture with his front legs propped up straight to gaze skywards. As if to mimic the brilliant view of the night sky, the sculptor goes with a mesmerizing periwinkle silver nitrate patina for the frog. Pops of black patina create a lovely contrast across the sculpture’s surface. Frogman gives Cosmos the finishing touches by giving the adorable amphibian his signature black, gold-tipped webbed feet.


Tim “Frogman” Cotterill’s fascination for life can be found in his fascinating sculptures on display at the gallery. Collectors will enjoy expanding their Frogman collection with one or two (or even more!) of Frogman’s beloved sculptures.