Poinsettia – BF202


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Dimensions 11 × 9 × 3 in

Nestled close to majestic peaks, crystal-clear alpine waters, and lush landscapes is the Marcus Ashley Gallery in Lake Tahoe. The Californian region is famous for its seasonal beauty. It draws visitors from far and near, many of whom make their way to the gallery for an invigorating art-viewing experience after a day of kayaking, windsurfing, or hiking. The prestigious showroom is home to Frogman art, a heartwarming and delightful collection of animal-themed works. Known for his playful imagination, attention to detail, and observant nature, Frogman creates some of the most enchanting works of art.

A poinsettia is an attractive flowering plant with bright red and green foliage encircling a tiny cluster of yellow flowers. In Poinsettia, a frog takes cover under its large leaves, appearing as one with the lovely plant. Being a popular December bloom, viewers will recognize the plant as part of Christmas floral arrangements, and Frogman attempts to capture a poinsettia’s symbolic significance in stark detail. Collectors can add this sculpture to a room and expect it to exude an atmosphere of cheer, goodwill, and joy.

Frogman perfects the piece through the Lost Wax process, a tedious yet satisfying technique that produces brilliant results. Bring home Poinsettia and watch it enliven a room with its distinct energy and character.