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Dimensions 8 × 4.5 × 3 in


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery curates a commendable and enviable array of collections that will effortlessly spruce up the atmosphere and aesthetic of any space. The Frogman art collection, in particular, will warm your heart with the life-like details of the sculptures. Tim “Frogman” Cotterill’s love for animals is apparent in his creations of birds, geckos, koi fish, and frogs. From majestic owls to graceful koi fish and agile frogs, Frogman’s creations are an impressive sight to behold.


Hang Loose is another wall-mountable creation that collectors will take pleasure in bringing home. A saturated dual-toned green frog sits perched on a surface, its quizzical eyes taking in the surroundings. Frogman introduces visual depth and balance by choosing classic black and gold tones for the webbed feet and faint markings that create the illusion of texture.

The beauty of Hang Loose lies in how it can sit atop a surface or balance off a wall. This gives collectors a fun way to decorate a space as they see fit. Hang Loose makes the perfect companion that will “hang” around just like a real frog! To get your hands on similar on-the-wall hanging sculptures by Frogman, reach out to the gallery for swift assistance.