Caruso – BF 220


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Dimensions 12 × 14.5 × 7.5 in


Limited Edition

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At the Marcus Ashley Gallery, we believe art is a doorway that uncovers the nuances of the human spirit. The gallery invites visitors to experience the magic of its exquisite collections, including the Frogman art. Now settled in California, the sculptor has grown from strength to strength as a master of metalworks. From bronze to silver and gold, his sculptures are a testament to his incredible skills and eye for detail.


Cockatoos are known for their friendly demeanor and quirky nature. It’s no wonder why they’re such a joy to be around. Frogman’s Caruso, the cockatoo, is a curious little creature. As the bird leans forward, he sports a marvelous marbled patina with hints of silver. The sculpture features a burnished crest, beak, and plumage that catch beautifully in the light.


Perfect for a quaint or chic space, this cockatoo will look stunning on a tabletop. Its amber crest and silvery feathers glisten with a life-like realness, making Caruso a must-have collectible for art lovers.


Frogman’s bird collection deftly portrays the avian species with meticulous precision. It’s why the sculptor’s work is highly sought after by collectors. Interested buyers will find Frogman’s works on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery.