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Dimensions 2.5 × 1.4 × 0.5 in


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Art is not just a product of one’s creativity and talent but also an expressive medium that connects artists with their audience. Artists from California, nearby cities, and overseas share their exemplary works of art with visitors who come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Experience the magic, power, and emotive value of their exhibits under one roof in Lake Tahoe. The showroom is situated in Heavenly Village, with the Sierra Nevada mountains as the perfect backdrop. Come by to look over the collections, including the Frogman art, on display. We’re sure you’ll be deeply satisfied and impressed by the sculptor’s work.


You can tell that Frogman crafts Gumdrop with enthusiasm and deep affection. In this sculpture, the little frog lays low on its stubby legs. He appears to be at rest, but don’t let his demeanor fool you! The unblinking beady eyes remain absolutely still and alert while the frog enjoys a little midday break. The sculpture is finished in a brilliant orangish-brown patina that gives off a soothing sheen in the light. Like the sugar-crusted candy, this is a sweet treat that collectors will enjoy viewing at length.

Gumdrop will look right at home in a potted plant, on a windowsill, or in a decorative tray filled with natural accents.