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Tourists and locals often find themselves drawn to the cobblestone streets, quaint stores, entertainment hubs, and chic eateries of Heavenly Village. Located at the heart of Lake Tahoe, the village is a must-visit for out-of-towners. After a day of exploration and outdoor fun, head over to the Marcus Ashley Gallery and step into the magical world of art.


Visitors love perusing the delightful items and original releases at the Californian gallery, particularly the Frogman art collection by Tim Cotterill. The sculptor expresses his ‘love for life’ philosophy through his iconic frog-inspired collections that will hop right into your heart.


Frogman reveals a ruby red frog with a gold underbelly in Cattail. Cattails are tall, rigid perennial plants known to grow in dense colonies in swamps, woodlands, and marshes. As the frog stretches its nimble, lean feet over the tapered leaves and stalk of the plant, its eyes remain trained on the plant’s cigar-shaped head. The frog has one mission to accomplish, and that is to reach the very top of the plant.


The sculpture portrays a day in the life of a woodland frog that climbs and hops around its habitat in search of an enticing bug or two. For Cattail, Frogman lends an intriguing narrative by recreating a scene right out of nature’s page.