Hamilton – BF249


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9.5" x 6.5" x 5.75"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“Hamilton” is an endearing bronze sculpture and the thirteenth owl to join Tim Cotterill’s illustrious Parliament collection. This piece radiates wisdom and sophistication, with its head and body adorned in a gradient of deep mahogany patinas that dissolve into a tapestry of warm, tawny tones across its feathered wings.

The owl’s captivating gaze is emphasized by large, black, glass-like eyes, which are framed by a high-polished, furrowed brow, giving Hamilton a discerning and intellectual expression. The sculpture’s stance is proud and upright, with black and bronze talons that are as intricately detailed as they are elegant.

As a part of the iconic Cotterill Parliament, “Hamilton” carries the legacy of the collection with its dynamic use of patinas and textures, ensuring it will stand out as a distinguished figure in any assembly of art. The nuanced patination technique used on “Hamilton” not only showcases the owl’s stately appearance but also highlights the artisanal skill and creativity that is a hallmark of Tim Cotterill’s work.