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Artists conjure a world of the bizarre, beautiful, and wonderful through their work, which the Marcus Ashley Gallery is thrilled to support. At the gallery, upcoming artists are given a chance to showcase their best work. Do come by and peruse the artistic genius of local, national, and international talent in one place. Located in Lake Tahoe, the gallery is a favored location to explore and collect Frogman art.


The Californian sculptor works his magic on Belle Fleur, a sculpture that marries expert craftsmanship and whimsical flair. A dazzling gold nitrate tulip sways gracefully as the lavender frog anxiously climbs the stem. Originally created in homage to Mother’s Day, the sculpture is a poignant representation of a mother’s resilience, tenacity, and timeless beauty. Frogman introduces a classic patina of soothing hues that mimic the true-to-life details of frogs he often spends time observing.


Viewers will be drawn to the subtle drama of this artwork as the frog struggles to balance itself on the delicate tulip. Belle Fleur will introduce oodles of charm and a quirky twist to a quaint or chic loft, library, reading room, workspace, or dining area.