Free Spirit – BF98


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Dimensions 1 × 4 × 2.25 in


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“Free Spirit” is a captivating bronze sculpture from the Frogman collection, embodying the essence of freedom and the joy of life. This sculpture captures the exhilarating moment of a frog in mid-leap, the embodiment of nature’s unbridled enthusiasm. Its sleek body is finished in a warm, golden patina that transitions into rich, verdant hues along its elongated, gracefully arcing limbs, mirroring the vibrant life-force of a real frog.

The frog’s legs are outstretched behind it, with webbed feet splayed wide, frozen in time as if pushing off from an unseen water surface. The black patina of the feet contrasts with the golden body, highlighting the detailed craftsmanship that goes into each Frogman piece. Poised atop a slender, stylized lily pad rendered in a glossy green patina, “Free Spirit” appears to defy gravity, lending a dynamic and playful energy to any space it occupies.

“Free Spirit” is a testament to the artist’s ability to harness the wild spirit of nature into a form that resonates with vivacity and grace. This sculpture is not just an object to behold, but a narrative of movement, liberty, and the dance of life itself, making it a perfect centerpiece for both private collections and public displays that aim to inspire and uplift.