Making Tracks


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Dimensions 0.75 × 4 × 5.5 in

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Surround yourself with some of the world’s most awe-inspiring art by artists like Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Michael Parkes, and Steve Barton, to name a few of the artists whose works are on display at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The patrons curate a formidable collection in their gallery at Lake Tahoe that will leave you transfixed by the beauty of art. Frogman art is part of its growing repertoire of fine exhibits. The sculptural collection includes heartwarming and amusing recreations of nature’s little inhabitants.


Collectors will love the energy and meaning of Frogman’s Making Tracks. A vibrant neon green frog bravely springs forward into the unknown in this sculpture. The wall-mountable sculpture represents courage, freedom, and gumption. Frogman crafts Making Tracks to symbolize an individual’s free-spirited nature and it can serve as a proud reminder of a significant accomplishment.


What makes Frogman’s work special is his ability to weave a meaningful narrative and relevance through his work. Each of his animal-inspired sculptures shares a story and palpable energy. New and old fans will enjoy viewing Making Tracks from across a room. Collectors can place the sculpture anywhere on a wall to create a fun, uplifting aesthetic. You’ll discover that the adventure-seeking frog stirs up scintillating conversations with friends and family.