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A trip to Lake Tahoe will be worth your while once you experience the untouched beauty and splendor of the Californian paradise. After a day of adventure and relaxation, do come by the Marcus Ashley Gallery to get your fill of art. The showcased collections, including Frogman art, will make you stop and stare in wonder. Experience the remarkable energy and raw authenticity that emanates from the exhibits on display and enjoy the magic and joy of viewing art by emerging and established artists at the gallery in Lake Tahoe.

In Splashdown, a feisty forest-green frog dives into the calm waters, disrupting the tranquility of the scene and disturbing an ethereal sunset-hued butterfly hovering over the still waters. Frogman portrays one of many dramatic moments that unravel in the lap of nature. Splashdown is a dynamic sculpture that springs to life when you lay eyes on it. The sculptor’s work has an uncanny way of engulfing the senses with the power of nature’s unpredictability.

You’ll find that every frog in the sculptor’s collection exhibits a unique personality and energy that lights up a room. Splashdown and other Frogman pieces hold pride of place in upscale establishments and residences around the country and the world.