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There’s no better feeling than being surrounded by the celebrated works of past and present artists. The talented and highly skilled professionals at the Marcus Ashley Gallery hold a deep passion for the visual arts. They take pride in the services the gallery offers, such as being able to digitally recreate exhibits in a virtual room, lobby, or office. That way, interested buyers can visualize how pieces of interest would look in a particular place. They’d be happy to take you through the Frogman art collection to enhance your existing space’s aesthetic.

The sculptor goes by Frogman for his uncanny ability to recreate vibrant amphibians with true-to-life details. His extraordinary animal-themed releases occupy pride of place in residential and commercial establishments worldwide. Audiences will love Frogman’s release, titled Zen. A little frog appears to have mastered the joy of dolce far niente or pleasant idle time. True to his name, the amphibian remains perfectly content and at peace. Frogman chooses a calming sea green and azure patina with a subtle textural finish. Viewing this sculpture will calm your senses in the most wonderful way.

Zen will look cozy in a potted plant or on a sleek marble or wooden tray. You can reach out to the gallery for more information on Zen and other Frogman pieces.