Forget-Me-Not – BF237


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Dimensions 11.75 × 7.75 × 3 in


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The Marcus Ashley Gallery goes out of its way to ensure that visitors make the most out of their visit to the showroom. You’ll be happy to discover that the art consultants are well-versed with the collections on display, including Frogman art. If you’re unsure of how to place an exhibit within a space, the expert staff can digitally recreate a setting and move around a piece to help you visualize the outcome. The gallery is more than delighted to extend its services whether you visit it online or in person.


In Forget-Me-Not, a vibrant gold frog gazes in wonder at a cluster of delicate wildflowers. Saturated green leaves provide the ideal contrast to the subtle blue patina of the flowers. This sculpture is the perfect expression of remembrance that one can give to someone special. You’ll find more than a ladybug or two sitting pretty on the cluster of flowers. Tiny details such as this warm the heart at first sight and are a recurring addition to Frogman’s sculptural work.


Frogman crafts his iconic frog collections with a lot of love, care, and attention to detail. His boundless passion for nature’s tiny inhabitants is what makes his work shine quite literally and figuratively.