Night Harbor


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22" x 33"



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“Night harbor in Maine, middle of June… I don’t know what it is about this painting, but as I was told, the couple that bought it admitted that this was the first thing they ever agreed upon.” – Alexander Volkov

Whether you visit the Marcus Ashley Gallery in person or online, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the works on display. The gallery believes in creating an inclusive platform for artists from around California and overseas. When visitors explore the collections, including Alexander Volkov art, they get to witness an eclectic mix of creative genius at play.

Volkov shares a humorous incident of a couple who rarely agreed with one another, except when it came to buying Night Harbor. You can’t blame them for succumbing to the beauty of this piece. Save for the lightly illuminated roofed structure, the landscape is a carpet of bluish-whites and charcoal blacks. The docked boats lie silent and still on the river.

The artist deftly captures the spellbinding beauty of twilight in Night Harbor. To many, a scene like this would seem ordinary. But, after a long day at work, the harbor brings with it a welcome silence and calm.