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24" x 36"



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“Early summer… you have spent the night practicing Chopin and drinking wine. It could be serious—you are either in love or have a serious health problem on your hands. Take your pick.” – Alexander Volkov

At the heart of Lake Tahoe lies the Marcus Ashley Gallery, a mammoth space where art lives and breathes. It is home to some of the best works by famous artists like Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Aleksandra Rozenvain, and Charles Pabst. Art enthusiasts will also get an opportunity to view and take home a work of art from the awe-inspiring collection of Alexander Volkov art.

It’s no secret that Volkov is a virtuoso of impressionist realism art. His ability to see beauty in the ordinary is elevated through controlled brushwork and meticulous detailing. In Chopin, Volkov reveals an aged grand piano illuminated in the soft glow of candlelight. An unfinished glass of wine sits by a music book. Its notes spring off the page, thanks to Volkov’s precise brushstrokes that give it new life.

The room is filled with the sweet strains of Nocturne in B flat minor or perhaps Ballade in A flat major. Volkov brilliantly captures a carefree evening fueled by wine and classical music. What better way to spruce up a bare wall than with this expressive painting?