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Limited Edition

Signed and numbered

Release Date

February 2024


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The sculpture in the image is a sleek, stylized representation of a frog, likely part of a limited edition series by the artist known as “Frogman,” which is a pseudonym for Tim Cotterill. These sculptures are typically cast in bronze using the lost-wax method, which allows for fine details and textures.

This particular piece, titled “Turbo,” boasts a dynamic, aerodynamic form that suggests speed and fluidity, as if the frog is ready to leap. The body has a vibrant, polished green patina with hints of yellow and textured details that mimic the patterns found on amphibian skin. The contrast between the smooth, shiny body and the detailed, rougher texture adds depth and visual interest to the sculpture.

The frog’s limbs extend out gracefully, with exaggerated, stylized webbed feet finished in glossy black with copper-colored detailing on the toes, adding a touch of elegance and contrasting beautifully with the green body. The use of patina and polishing techniques gives the sculpture an iridescent sheen, creating an impression of movement and life.

Frogman sculptures are highly collectible and each piece is usually signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. They are appreciated not only for their aesthetic qualities but also for their craftsmanship and the unique personality that each sculpture conveys. “Turbo” would be a striking addition to any collection, appealing to those who value art, nature, and the whimsy of Cotterill’s Frogman series.